Vancouver WordPress Developer

We are a Vancouver WordPress Developer offering flexible WordPress website packages for any size project including those requiring Woo-Commerce and multi currency.

High quality WordPress websites beautifully designed and professionally implemented with ongoing support and training.

Vancouver SEO

Professional search engine optimization services for Vancouver BC. We have been involved in local search for over 15 years. Our programs are affordable, deliver dramatic results and can be implemented quickly. Ask us for more info.

Photography Services

We provide professional photography services from concept to capture to editing. High quality images make a huge difference.


Vancouver WordPress Developer

Fully responsive WordPress websites.

Professionally designed and implemented WordPress websites tuned for search. Reasonably priced and delivered when promised.

  • WordPress Design
  • WordPress Creation
  • WordPress SEO
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Photo preparation & editing
  • One on One WordPress Tutoring
  • 12 month support
  • Google Maps

WordPress Websites created by our team.

Check our latest website we created for Boxing Vancouver,
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We provide high quality Professional Photography and Image editing.

More About Us

Who we are

We are a team of highly experienced WordPress specialists who have worked together for years on a wide variety of projects.

Our team has worked with many local businesses providing professional WordPress websites tuned for search and created with best practices ethical SEO.

With our extensive experience in the industry we have the ability to offer you strategic advise saving you time and money allowing for maximum results from your investment.

We strive to be the best WordPress Company in Vancouver.

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Why choose us

We are a local team, skilled at what we do and highly motivated to deliver quality at fair prices and on time as promised. We care about your business and will work hard to exceed your expectations every time. We understand your website is a reflection of you and once we are engaged it is also refection of us.

  • Local WordPress Development team
  • Each team member is a specialist
  • Flexible – small tasks or large projects
  • Local aftercare and training available
  • Vancouver focused since 2000
WordPress Websites made by us.
WordPress Creation and Best Practices SEO for best results.
Historically web designers have created websites weighted first for design with really no thought for speed performance or Search rankings. A tragic amount of websites are still made this way.


What followed was an industry of so called “SEO experts” that would help you get onto the first page of Google. Essentially what that meant was the “SEO experts” would try to fix parts of your website that were most broken hoping for a lift in search. The real Answer is having your WordPress website made properly in the first place. That means that every design consideration must first be vetted for speed and search impact. A keyword and communication strategy must be utilized and best practices adhered to when implementing.
So On-page SEO and WordPress website creation are not two things, they are one thing when done correctly at the beginning. If they are not done at the beginning, then it is called fixing your website.


You may have found us by searching ‘Vancouver WordPress” or “Vancouver WordPress Developer” and you may have noticed our website in 1st position or 2nd position most of the time. That is because we have built the website properly to best communicate our websites content to our audience using best practices and extensive experience competing for search terms in the Vancouver market.


We are a WordPress developer that is an expert in Search Engine Optimization so when we make a website it is tuned for search and will perform well without additional on-page SEO work.

For more information about WordPress, SEO or online marketing call Rob at 604-842-9810