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We are Search Engine Optimization specialists located in Vancouver BC.

Search Engine Optimization

 “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and optimize!”

We revised Ted Turners famous quote to incorporate, what we feel, is the most powerful and cost effective way of increasing sales for any business today.

We have been in the online marketing industry since 2000 and one thing has not changed. The single most beneficial activity any business can do to increase awareness and sales is improving their website.

Today there is an unlimitted number of marketing activities and distractions competing for your time and money, social media being one of them. Your time and money are limited however and Social media is not as beneficial to every industry equally to say the least.

Social media, for many, is a distraction that burns an endless amount of time for very little return if any. This is not to say social media has no place in the equation, it is to say that the lowest hanging fruit is by far optimizing and improving your own website rather than pushing your content to other platforms.

Best SEO Companies

SEO Analysts who know what they are doing and who use best practices ethical SEO will do much more for your website than just  increase organic search traffic. The entire process, if done correctly will improve every part of your website from the unseen technical aspects to the entire User experience and related conversions possibilities.

Local Search

Rob has been competing for local search rankings in Vancouver for more than 15 years. One of Vancouver’s first local search experts optimizing for hundreds of business categories for many local local businesses.

On-page Optimizations

In most cases we find there are many opportunities to correct and enhance content that is visible to a website visitor. There are also many opportunities under the hood not seen by the visitor, for example additional descriptions, image alt tags and other very significant items signalling relevant information about your content. These are just a few things that can make the difference of being found on the 3rd page or the 1st page.

We Are

Initial Consultation

Understanding of specific business goals and your companies unique value proposition.

Website Audit

End to end analysis of your website from a technical and content perspective.


Share with you our ideas for best results based on your website audit, business objectives and budget.


Implement the technical corrections and enhancements and the add or revise current content.


Reporting for ROI and adjustments.

Search Engine Optimization

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